Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Bed Beckons

Wednesday August 12, 1992

Slept 9 hours. Up feeling fine. My bed still beckons to me each morning when I go up to shower. Sometimes I crawl back in for 5 minutes. It feels good.

I go have a taco for lunch and then on to get my nail fixed. Then Target and grocery shopping. I'm home by 3:30. My back aches but not as bad as yesterday. I must do my back exercises more.

At 5:30 we go to Thousand Oaks to pick up the truck (new paint).

A quiet night at home.

I chuckled when Mom said that her bed beckons to her. I can relate. I have never been one of those people who jump out of bed first thing in the morning ready to go. When I was working and had to be up by 6:00 a.m. I didn't have the luxury of lingering in bed. I would drag myself into the shower and try to wake up under the stream of water. Now that I am retired I still don't get to sleep in except for the weekends. I have to get my two teenage boys fed and off to school so I get up at 7:00. I love summers and weekends when I can wake up leisurely and cuddle under the blankets for a few extra minutes. I don't think I have ever crawled back into bed after breakfast though. I make sure I make the bed before I head to the kitchen for breakfast.

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