Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rincon Beach

Sunday August 16, 1992

We're up early and ready to pull out of the campground by 11:30. We say goodbye to all. Down the road near Rincon Beach we pull off and park our trailer next to the ocean water. It's lovely and cool. We're in no hurry to get home to 100 degrees. It's about 82 at the beach. We have lunch then sit outside and read awhile. I get sleepy so go into the trailer and take a nap.

We arrive home about 4 p.m. We put things away, call Maria and ask to go swim. She says OK so we go cool off for an hour or so and come home. Our air conditioner is not working. We sleep with the fan going strong.

Nothing like a trip to the beach to cool off, usually 20 degrees cooler than the inland temperatures. In Southern California the evening temperatures don't cool off much like they do further north so it's hard to sleep in the heat, especially with an upstairs bedroom. Our bedrooms upstairs are usually 8-10 degrees hotter than downstairs.

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