Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day at Sea

Monday July 29, 1991

Frank is up and out for exercise classes. I had my breakfast in the cabin. Frank ate in the dining room with Anita and Bob. We had a lovely day enjoying the beautiful water, mountains and waterfalls. The water is very smooth, good enough to water ski. I'm taking the seasick pill anyway.

Our meals were lovely. We had fun horseracing and played bingo. The magic show was great but nothing new. We danced later and retired at 11 but set the clocks back to 10 p.m.

I'm fine except the usual aches and pains and the burn on my fingers from the iron this morning.

I'm wondering why mom had breakfast in the room. Could it be that the seasick pills were causing her to be drowsy? When we visited Alaska in 2001 we took the ferry from Prince Rupert, BC to Haines, Alaska. My mother-in-law Carmen was with us and she took a pill to prevent seasickness which knocked her out and she slept the entire day. The ferry, although quite large, is much much smaller than a huge cruise ship, so the motion is more noticeable. There was only one portion of the trip where we felt rollers and the captain announced it ahead of time to warn us. Most of the journey was in sheltered waters that were like glass. When we entered the open ocean after the captain's warning, we simply went on-deck in the breezy fresh air to prevent seasickness. I didn't want to sleep through the journey and miss the beautiful scenery.

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