Monday, January 24, 2011

Napa Jazz Festival

Saturday July 13, 1991

Sleeping in til 8 a.m. we're up for breakfast and off to Santa Rosa to pick up tickets for West Side Story tomorrow night. Then on to Napa for a Jazz Festival in the park (free). It's a beautiful day 78-82 degrees.

I awoke sick at my stomach again. I didn't throw up but did eat a granola bar before I got out of bed. I felt queazy until after lunch. Why?

After the jazz festival we go to Sonoma for Italian dinner. It's very good. I'm still eating too too much and often. I'm still gaining weight. I'm abougt 35 pounds overweight now. I'm hungry every 2 hours. It occurs to me that the Sav-On brand tums might be making me nauseated. I will take no vitamins at bedtime tonight. We'll see.

So glad she finally got to sleep in just a little. I remember the jazz festival in downtown Napa but don't remember where we ate in Sonoma.

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