Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Corner Wellington House

Friday July 12, 1991

I'm awake at 6 a.m.. I'm hungry. At 6:30 I head downstairs for breakfast. I eat oatmeal. Still feeling icky. I eat 1/2 banana. Still icky. I drink 4 oz. apple juice. Two minutes later I have thrown everything up all over the couch cover (plastic), me and the carpet. I don't feel well at all, but must get ready to leave for Chris and Ric's in Windsor, California, an 8-hour drive. I am 45 minutes late being ready to leave. We're off at 8:45. I feel icky for a few hours but finally my stomach settles down. I eat a good lunch.

Traffic is awful from San Francisco to Windsor. Chris has prepared a lovely spaghetti dinner. Their house is really lovely. Some very nice touches.

Chris is happy. Ric gave her a diamond engagement ring yesterday. I am happy for her. Their wedding will be here on February 15, 1992.

Poor Mom! I feel just awful knowing she had to face an 8-hour drive to bring Justin back home to us, when she was so sick. Nausea is a common side effect of chemotherapy, and I am actually amazed that it took this long to affect her, considering her chemotherapy was 3 days earlier.

As for the traffic, it is still just as awful through Marin County at rush hour from San Francisco to Windsor, especially on Friday nights.

Ric and I were living in the corner house we had purchased on Wellington Circle in Windsor the previous October, after moving from my condo in Santa Rosa. This is the first time Mom and Frank had visited us there. Above is a current photo of the house, which we owned until 2005 when we sold it to my mother-in-law and continue to manage for her as a rental:

As far as the wedding, that didn't happen until June 15, 1992. More to come on that.

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