Friday, January 21, 2011

The Dodgers Win

Sunday July 7, 1991

We're up early to meet Gary and Maria at her mom's house at 11:30 where we leave from for the Dodgers baseball game. Gary treats us all. We pig out on pizza. Justin buys shirts and cards. Luckily the Dodgers win.

It's very hot sitting in the sun. I wear a big straw hat and keep a napkin over my bare legs. We are tired from vacation and ready to stay home. It's good to get home.

But first we must stop at Lemona and Gledhill (their rental houses) to check with tenants planning to move soon. So we visit with Joan and Hal (neighbors on Lemona Street) and Marty and Cathy and girls. Everyone is pleased to see Justin. We eat dinner at Millie's.

Oh my goodness, does mom ever slow down? They just got home from a week in the blistering heat, and here they are off again to a baseball game. Perhaps it's because her beloved grandson Justin (my son) was down for his annual visit and she wanted to keep him entertained. My sister-in-law Maria grew up in a small 2-bedroom 1 bath house in Los Angeles very close to Dodger Stadium with her parents and 8 brothers and sisters. Although Maria's mom passed away from cancer a year after mine, her dad still lives in the same house.

The rental house on Lemona is the house I grew up in. My parents bought that house for $12,000 in 1954 and I spent my entire life there until I moved to Santa Rosa in Northern California in 1974. When she and Frank married in 1982 they bought a house in Simi Valley and turned the Lemona house as well as another house she lived in after I moved out, which was the one on Gledhill, both of which were in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles County, into rental houses. When she passed away my brother Gary and I sold the rental houses. It was sad parting with not only my mom but the house that held so many great memories of my childhood.

Marty and Cathy Murphy are the friends who did not show up at Lake Don Pedro as expected. She writes about it on her entry for July 4. Interesting that she does not say here why they failed to show up?

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