Thursday, January 20, 2011


Friday July 5, 1991

No skunk last night! We put all the trash and cans into the rubber boat and floated it between the big boats. It was so hot again at bedtime. Couldn't sleep. Some people far away were shooting fireworks. We worry alot about fire. The hills are all brown.

I ski only a short way. My back hurts too much. We ride to the marina in Ron's boat to call Frank's dad. He's doing fine from the surgery on Monday.

Bob gets hot when our neighbor beefs about our wake and we have an anxious moment trying to keep them from fighting.

Alika, Leah's dog is more fun! She swims with us in the water, catches frisbees, and fetches sticks. Only 8 months old and she's very smart and trained well.

It cools down a little for sleeping. I'm tired and ready to go home. So is everyone else.

After already battling a grass fire at the lake years before, the last thing mom wanted to do in this heat, was fight a fire, or even quickly break down camp and head back to the launch ramp. When you check in to the marina, there are huge signs that say Fireworks Forbidden, so we never did get to enjoy fireworks on the Fourth of July for years at the lake. After mom passed away our tradition of meeting at Lake Don Pedro faded away as did many other traditions. She was like the spoke of the wheel that kept the family together. After her passing everyone drifted apart. We do get to see fireworks now but our 2 younger boys never did get to camp at Lake Don Pedro in a tent. We are spoiled now camping in a big RV. It would be hard to go back to camping in the dirt with no shower, no running water, and a porta-potty. I give mom alot of credit for sleeping on the ground at her age, which is my age now, in spite of her sore back, aching muscles and sleepless nights in a pool of sweat. My idea of "camping" now is a king-size bed with a pillow top mattress, air conditioning, TV with DVD player, hot shower, electric refrigerator and propane stove. Oh and our campground has a swimming pool.

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