Thursday, January 20, 2011

That's a Smart Skunk!

Thursday July 4, 1991

Another night of laying in a puddle of sweat. The skunk came back and tore the bottom out of Bob's trash bag--what a mess! It was hanging up in the screened in tent. The skunk stood on the table bench to reach it. The others were tied up high enough.

I didn't ski today. Too much ache all over especially the back. We spent most of the day in the water. We had fun playing Frisbee. Everyone took a ride to the marina. Frank and I stay in in camp to avoid the sun.

Justin is swimming and skiing very well. He seems a natural athlete. Junior is skiing well. Joe does pretty well. Little Brian has learned to love the water. The boys are so good to him.

Jennifer and Ron arrive at dinnertime. Chris and Ric cancel due to Ric's back. The Murphy's don't show. Don't know why. I'm OK except for the heat.

Looks like Ric and I missed this trip in 1991. Ric has always had chronic back pain which has only gotten worse since I have known him. The year before on Memorial weekend we launched the boat in a thunderstorm and spent the weekend camping in the rain. As I was driving the boat onto the trailer the wind blew the boat in too fast and Ric strained his back to keep it from hitting the truck. When we finally got back home I had to unload all of our wet camping gear in the rain by myself because Ric was in too much pain. I slipped on a wet stepping stone and broke my foot. In spite of his pain Ric had to take me to the emergency room where I got a plaster cast. I still went to Lake Don Pedro for the July 4 weekend that year, where I was hot and miserable and unable to get in the water due to the cast. Looks like a year later, it was just as hot or hotter.

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