Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We'll Start the Diet Tomorrow!

Sunday July 21, 1991

We leave early stopping to visit Marty and Kathy Murphy and shopping before going to Henry and Jan Alent's house for dinner. We meet his daughter. She's very nice and stays for an hour or so. Jan serves us a wonderful turkey dinner and dessert. Our diet is shot but last night we ruined it with chili fries and Friday night we had Chinese dinner with Judy and Paul.

We are quite tired today. We stayed up late last night and couldn't sleep in so had about 6-1/2 hours sleep.

We're in bed at 9:30 and right to sleep.

Marty Murphy was mom's boss when she worked as a purchasing agent at a medical supply company. Never heard of Henry and Jan Alent. Perhaps they belong to their square dancing club. They made many new friends there.

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