Monday, January 24, 2011

West Side Story

Sunday July 14, 1991

No nausea this morning or this day at all! It must have been the vitamins late at night or the Sav-On tums. I'll return those to Sav-On.

We have a lovely eggs and fruit breakfast. We discuss that we all must eat more fruit and vegetables so we can all lose weight. Chris and Ric have much to lose. It makes me very sad to see Chris so heavy.

John has invited us over this morning to see his home. It is lovely. The boys really enjoy the pool and sports court. Justin is excited to show us his room. Geri, his stepmom, is very nice. I think he is very happy there. Brad is a nice brother.

Chris and Ric take us boating on the Petaluma River. We dock for coffee. That night we go to see West Side Story live. It's great!

Wow, so it was the Tums at night that made her sick the next morning. I will keep that in mind if I ever take Tums. I always take my vitamins in the morning after breakfast, but I know if I try to take them on an empty they will make me nauseous.

Yes, mom and I have always battled our weight. When I broke my foot the previous summer after returning home from Lake Don Pedro in the rain I gained 30 pounds while it was in the cast. In the past 20 years I have gained another 20, so have at least 50 to lose. Ric has about the same to lose, and he has developed diabetes as well so has even more reason to lose.

I do remember our visit with John, my ex, Justin's father. Mom was always very fond of him. Geri was very welcoming to Mom and Mom talked openly about her battle with cancer. It was the first and only time they met. Her son Brad is a year younger than Justin so they grew up together and became very close. I'm glad he got to grow up with a brother his own age. Ric and I have 2 boys who were born in 1992 (Derek) and 1995 (Ryan) so they were babies when Justin was a teenager.

That little trip on the Petaluma River was interesting. We launched in Petaluma and drove down to where the river enters the San Francisco Bay. The Petaluma River meanders through flat grasslands for several miles. It is very shallow and muddy, and not much to see. That was our first and only boat ride on the Petaluma River.

West Side Story was performed at a small playhouse in downtown Santa Rosa. It was fun. I'm glad mom was up for it.

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