Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Philip and Debbie

Monday July 22, 1991

Up and off to Kaiser for blood test. For the first time my white blood cell count is low. It is 12 days since my chemo. She had told us the danger period was day 7-10. Not to worry. I should just avoid people who are sick.

After Kaiser we head to Palmdale to visit with Philip, Debbie, Joey and Sara. Phil must leave for work a couple of hours after we arrive. Deb gets home from work at 2 p.m.

Sara wants lots of love and touching. She loves the white lace outfit we give her for her birthday. Joey wants attention too. He's really interested in war and army stuff. He is reading the Marine manual and knows all the details about guns, etc. I'm worried.

We get home in time to go square dancing in North Hollywood.

Philip is Frank's oldest, who is a few years younger than me. 2 years behind Philip is Frank's son Paul, who mom and Frank visited 3 days earlier to see their new baby Taylor and his wife Judy, and finally Frank's youngest is his daughter Dolores, who was married to Steve in 1986. The photo above is taken at Dolores' wedding with their son Joey, who is 5 years old here. Sara has not yet born in 1986.

Not to worry mom, Joey never did go into the military and he is healthy and safe. My son Derek is really into guns too and he plays "airsoft" with his friends several times each week, where battles are staged and they shoot plastic bee bees at each other, but he has no desire to join the military.

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