Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty & The Beast

Tuesday January 7, 1992

My tentonitis in my right wrist seems to be no better after a week of wearing the wrist brace. I do take the brace off to write, eat or be in water.

We go to an afternoon movie to see Beauty & The Beast. It's a movie we have a small investment in and happily it's doing very well.

It's pouring rain all day especially when we're ready to leave at 4:30 for dinner with Joe and Connie at their new home in Valencia. The ridge route is closed for snow as is Highway 14. We wonder if Phil will get home tonight after work. We easily make it to Joe and Connie's and have a lovely late dinner. Their children are 14 and 18 now and nice kids. We wonder if they know they are adopted. Connie tells me her mom died of ovarian cancer in 1973 after ignoring it too long.

I know Mom owned Disney stock because she left it to Justin after she died. That was a nice inheritance for a boy. It helped him buy a vehicle and pay for his college education years later.

The "ridge route" is the locals term for Interstate 5 over Tejon Pass near Gorman, California. Interstate 5 is the main artery through California, Oregon and Washington, so when it shuts down due to snow once or twice a year, sometimes just for a few hours, sometimes for a couple of days, it really shuts down commerce on the West Coast. Highway 14 goes to Palmdale. Both of Frank's sons live in Palmdale, which is over an hour drive to their jobs in Los Angeles. His daughter Delores settled in San Diego after attending college there.

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