Sunday, September 25, 2011

El Capitan State Park

Friday January 17, 1992

We arise early. I'm in the shower at 6:30. We go out to breakfast and start packing the trailer when we return. By 12:15 we're on our way to El Capitan campground above Santa Barbara. We arrive at 2:15. One RV is there already: Joan and Payton. Frank parks the trailer without too much trouble.

This is a nice campground. Others begin to arrive about 6 p.m. until there are 8 of us. We have a big fire and lots of good conversation. We go to bed with our electric blanket and the forced air heat set at 60 degrees about 11 p.m.

Mom doesn't say so in this post, but I believe this group of campers is from their square dance club. They had lots of social outings with that group, including camping trips. El Capitan Campground is on the ocean side of Highway 101 and has lots of palm trees. It is easily seen from the Pacific Coast Highway. An underpass goes to the inland side of the freeway, where there is another section of campsites. They certainly took a chance planning a camping trip in January! At least they had a nice trailer to retreat to if it started to rain!

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