Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ronald Reagan Library

Thursday December 26, 1991

Up early, feeling good except for my aching wrist and thumbs. We have waffles for breakfast. Ric says Chris had a bad night. She woke up crying about what I said to her yesterday. Then she had a bad dream that Chewy, their dog, killed the baby playing with it.

At 10 a.m. we leave to visit the Reagan Library. We all really enjoy it, especially the miniature White House which is decorated for Christmas. We take lots of pictures for Justin to share at school.

We have a late lunch at Bob's Big Boy, then come home to relax. I go marketing and banking. Frank and Justin go bike riding in the Arroyo.

Wow, I don't remember that dream, but I do remember being upset about Mom's remarks. I also remember that when we went to the Reagan Library Justin pushed me around the building in a wheelchair because I was too nauseous to stand. The decorated miniature white house was very charming!

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