Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Searching for a House for Gary

Friday January 24, 1992

Must stay home and take care of business today. Must work on our living trusts. Frank truly has my cold now. I'm still coughing up stuff often and constantly blowing my nose but I feel pretty good.

We go to look at a couple of houses for Gary to buy, but spend most of the day in nursing our colds.

Frank's still walking 4 miles in spite of his cold.

My brother Gary and his girlfriend Maria were currently living in Granada Hills just east of Simi. Simi Valley is a nice suburban area with less congestion and less smog than the valley. Mom was encouraging my brother to make the move even though it would mean a longer commute for him to work. She thought Simi would be a better community to raise a family, and of course, it would be nice to have him closeby.

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