Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Trip in the New Fifth Wheel

Thursday January 16, 1992

Up and at 'em. Frank goes to the valley on business and I go to market and shopping. He spends the afternoon in the garage and I get ready for our weekend trip in the trailer. We are excited about finally going somewhere in it. We have a great dinner and relax at home.

I talk to Marc Ray. He says Shirley (his mom) is about to go in for detox. That's really good news!

I'm so glad that Mom was able to retire early from her job as a purchasing agent for a medical supply company. Shortly after she retired, she and Frank bought a fifth wheel so they could travel more. When I retired in 2007 my husband and I bought a fifth wheel within a month as well. That was when we had a line of credit and before the real estate bubble burst. Now I understand why Mom's entry for January 14 talks about refinancing one of her rental houses. They were using the money to pay off the trailer. They probably had a very high interest rate to finance the purchase of the trailer, so they were pulling money out of the house to pay off the trailer and another mortgage. It sounds like this weekend would be their maiden voyage with the trailer.

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