Monday, September 19, 2011

Rose Parade Floats

Thursday January 2, 1992

We have a lazy morning. It's not raining after all so we decide to go to Pasadena to see the floats from the Rose Parade. It works out well for us to pay to park in the church lot. Their van shuttle takes us up the hill to where the floats begin. It's great! Frank's first time to see a float in person.

Afterward we go a few blocks to Gene & Cathy's. They are not at home. We call Guy--Cathy is in Hemet. We leave a note and go to Gary's. After 15 minutes he, Maria and boys come home. They are glad to see us and are happy to go out for Mexican food with us. We enjoy! We're home at 8:30, relax and watch TV.

It may have been Frank's first time to see a float in person, but Mom had seen many over the years. My Uncle Gene (her brother) and Aunt Cathy lived on Sierra Madre Blvd in Pasadena for many years. They would invite their friends and relatives to join them every year to set up chairs on the front porch or sit on the roof of their storage shed to see the parade. It was fun, but I hated getting up at 4:30 in the morning to make the drive to Pasadena. Fortunately, one of their neighbors let us park in their front yard for free, as parking was at a premium. Some time during my teen years, the state bought their house to build the Pasadena Freeway and they moved up to the hills overlooking Pasadena. They are now 83 and 81 years old, enjoying life, travelling the world, and entertaining friends in that same home. They even drove up for my son's wedding this summer, a 400 mile drive from Pasadena. Young at heart, both of them. Here is a photo of them in their younger years:

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