Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Wednesday January 8, 1992

We didn't wake up til 8 a.m. and I had to wake Frank. Are we getting lazy? The room was cold. the bed was warm. We both had the electric blanket on.

We leave at 11 a.m., going to Costco before my doctor appointment. I'm finally going to see a new doctor, Dr. Schwartz. It's been about 11 weeks since I've had kemo.

Dr. Schwartz comes in--he's young! He's very thorough in talking with us and examining me. We like him alot. He knows my case but studies my chart before coming in. Dr. Bix had conferred with him when deciding on my recent kemo. He had recommended the drug treatment and still believes it is best. He's had good results with it. He wants to continue the same treatment but give the 5 FU every other week instead of every week. I have an injection of 5 FU and we come home to spend a quiet night. I feel fine.

Amazingly, I checked the Kaiser Permanente website for Woodland Hills, California, and Dr. Gary Schwartz is still practicing oncology there after more than 20 years. I have posted his photo here. He looks pretty good even 20 years later. Having confidence in your doctor is very important, as is having good communication. Dr. Bix seemed to be lacking on both counts. But why has it taken 11 weeks to get an appointment with a new doctor for chemotherapy? This was a critical lapse.

In the front of this journal (#3) Mom has posted the following note:

Medicine taken Jan 1-June 30, 1992:
Megace (Megestrol) 4 daily
Alkeran--8 pills, once per day for 6 days only every 6 weeks
5FU Injection every 2 weeks

As for sleeping in until 8:00--Mom, I don't think you are lazy just because you sleep in an extra hour for a day or two. I slept until 9:30 today. Relax!

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