Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Sheriff In Town

Monday January 6, 1992

I'm up and off to get my nails done. When I return Phil is here visiting with Frank. We all go to lunch at a Mexican cafe in town. Phil is doing well and has decided to sleep in his water bed again. If Debby doesn't like that, she can sleep in Joey's room.

In the evening we go square dancing and then out to Hudson's Grill with lots of friends. We find out there that we are being nominated and selected to be Sheriff of our club which means we do the ticket (money) drawing each month and plan the social activities for the club. We timidly accept.

Wow, that sounds like something right up her alley. Mom was a social butterfly, and she loved planning social get-togethers. Their square dancing club is becoming a very important part of their life.

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