Monday, September 26, 2011

I Breathe In Too Much Smoke

Saturday January 18, 1992

Slept very well, warm and cozy but awoke with a tightness in my chest and a worse cough, maybe from breathing in too much smoke at the campfire last night.

We shower in our trailer and join our friends for horseshoes about 9:30. Later we take a walk for an hour or so. I do fine even on the uphills. After lunch we all go for a bike ride to the oceanside campground. We are in the canyon. The downhill is fun but there is no joy in the uphill. I end up walking alot. My heart is pounding and I'm soaking wet. My breathing is labored. Not good for my bad congested chest, but I'm proud that I did it.

At night we have a potluck and a big bonfire and lots of laughs. I breathe in too much smoke!

Too bad they were camping back in the canyon. One of the reasons I have always wanted to camp at El Capitan is the beautiful ocean view with palm trees. I suppose it's very hard to get reservations there since California State Parks are booked up almost a year in advance. It sounds like a good time with friends. For mom, who was used to camping in a tent on the ground, I'm sure it felt like pure luxury.

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