Friday, December 9, 2011

Aspen Center

Tucked in with Mom's entry for February 14, 1992 is a newspaper clipping from The Enterprise newspaper dated Friday February 14, 1992 under the Health section of the paper. The title of the article is "Guests tour Aspen Center". It starts "Visitors streamed through the doors of the Simi Valley office of the American Cancer Society in a slow but steady pace despite havoc wreaked by weeklong torrential rains." It talks about how visitors attended an open house and tour of the new surgery center. Towards the end of the article are the following 4 paragraphs:

"Frank Reina, 56, and his wife, 57-year-old Dolores, were fascinated by the tour.

My wife does have cancer. We're interested in what's going on and interested in this facility. It's right in the neighborhood, Reina said.

His wife, who suffers ovarian cancer, said the Cancer Society provides hope with their efforts geared toward research and cure.

With six grandchildren and one on the way in July, I have alot to look forward to. I have a good reason to live, she said."

Strange that she does not mention the tour of the surgery center in her journal. I guess with the busyness of her life, the tour was not worth mentioning. That grandchild she mentions that was due in July was my son Derek, born July 14, 1992. So sad he never knew her.

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