Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dreaming of Gary's Future

Sunday February 9, 1992

Laid back day. Did some shopping. Watched the Olympics. Feeling pretty good. Main complaint now is my wrist and thumbs. My cough is almost gone.

I can imagine how happy Gary will be here in Simi Valley. There are hills close to his house to hike and explore. There are more, all around this valley. Gary loves to hike and explore. The bike trail along the arroyo through the valley is 1/2 block from his new house. They all have bikes. They'll love that. And then his house. I imagine he'll swim often in the pool and spend many restful hours in the spa. They'll have lots of wonderful parties in the large yard and patio. The best though, if the many cozy evenings in the beautiful living room in front of his beautiful brick fireplace. Simi Valley is a bit of heaven.

I am incredibly touched by how excited Mom was about Gary's new house, and how she was imagining his life there, not knowing whether she would be a part of it or not. I feel a little sad that I moved to Northern California back in 1974 and because of the distance she was not nearly as involved in my life. We were very close, and talked on the phone for 1-2 hours every week, but I missed out on alot by moving away. Simi Valley is very beautiful, much warmer and more arrid than Santa Rosa, but I am willing to put up with winter rains and colder weather in order to be close to redwood trees, vineyards, lakes, rivers and the Sierras. Gary and I share a passion for hiking and exploring. It must be our Scandinavian ancestry.

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