Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walking to Hudson's Grill

Wednesday February 19, 1992

I feel pretty good today. I slept in til 8 a.m. Frank went visiting in the valley in the morning. At noon we walk down to Hudson's Grill for lunch. By the time we walk back home, I'm tired but feel like I could do it again tomorrow. Maybe I'm finally ready to get back to our 4-mile walks. I know I'll never lose this weight if I don't get back to walking.

My fingernail that broke off is still very tender and my right wrist is still in alot of pain. My hips ache alot if I stand too much and when I walk but only the first 15 minutes. My hair is back to normal. It is as thick as it was a year ago and looks pretty good.

Hudson's Grill in Simi Valley was open from 1986 until 2006 and was located in the Sycamore Village Plaza. That's about 1-1/2 miles from their house on Ambergrove Court. To walk there and back would be a 3-mile walk. At a fast pace, that's good exercise. I try to walk about 3 miles per day, which takes about an hour. Walking is such great exercise and does help to alleviate alot of those aches and pains that Mom is experiencing.

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