Saturday, December 10, 2011

Las Vegas in the Spring

Saturday February 15, 1992

We wake up to heavy rains again. We have a grand sausage and eggs and bisquit breakfast. In the afternoon we go to Gary's. Frank gives him advice on fixing the problem he has in his shower. We visit awhile and discuss the new house. We come home and watch movies in front of a roaring fire. How cozy. I'm feeling fine but fat, very fat.

Talked to mother this morning. I told her we will take her to Las Vegas this spring. She said she'd love to go. She's still doing great at 83 but you never know. I'm happy to be able to help her have some fun in her old age.

That is so thoughtful of Mom and Frank to offer to take Grandma Helen to Las Vegas, just as it was thoughtful to spend their Valentine's Day yesterday with Frank's parents. I hope my boys will be as thoughtful in my old age.

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