Friday, December 2, 2011

Chris Is Moving Too

Saturday February 8, 1992

Up late. Had a 1 hour talk on the phone with Kathy Murphy.

Chris calls. We talk at least an hour. I'm so concerned for her. She is back at work 8 hours a day and trying to pack up to move in her spare time. They are moving back into her condo next Friday. New renters are moving into her house on Saturday. Her new house will be finished in late May. She must either refinance for cash out on her condo or sell it before June 1. She's so tired being 4 months pregnant.

Now I can worry about both of my children and their real estate woes. Gary still must pick a lender and soon! He must decide to either rent his house or sell it soon.

At 4:30 Gary and Maria go to meet the inspector at the new house. Joe and Junior stay with me. When they return I have a complete turkey dinner ready as a celebration for Gary's new house deal.

Ric and I had purchased the house shown above in Windsor in October 1990 in Deer Creek Subdivision. A little over a year later the builder started a new phase of the same subdivision and we fell in love with the new floor plan and a large lot that backed up to open space. The only way we could raise money for a down payment was to sell my condo, which was rented out when we moved to Windsor, or to refinance and pull money out. In order to refinance and get a good interest rate, we had to live in the condo. So even though I was so nauseous and so tired from my pregnancy and was trying my best to work full time in spite of my nausea and fatigue, I had to come home after a long day and spend my evenings packing up our house. Then 3 months later, after the refinance was complete, and I was 7 months pregnant, we got to do it all over again and move into the new house that was being built. The timing could not have been much worse!

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