Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Chest Pains

Tuesday March 3, 1992

Frank gets up early to walk to the senior center for his carving class. I sleep til 9 a.m., go down for breakfast and back upstairs. Dr. Russack has called and says he will arrange for a treadmill test for me. At 10 a.m. I am resting in bed when my chest tightens with some pain, mostly on the left side. It really scared me. I tried to control it with concentration and relaxation.

I'm exhausted all morning, but finally feel better in the afternoon. I feel fine the rest of the day but not much energy.

We spend a quiet evening at home.

The Mayo Clinic notes that there is a range of symptoms of heart attack that can vary significantly. The signals differ from one individual to another, and men have different symptoms than women do. In women the symptoms are generally more subtle than in men. The following symptoms could indicate a heart attack:
1 Chest pain includes severe pain as well as less obvious sensations including, pressure, aching, and a full sensation. The symptom may disappear and reappear.
2 Pain or discomfort in other upper body areas can be a sign of heart attack. Sensations may occur in the back, neck, shoulders, and arm and in the lower region of the face. It is important to keep in mind that this discomfort may not be accompanied by chest pain.
3 Dizziness may occur to the point where you feel as if you are going to lose consciousness.
4 Excessive sweating for no apparent reason can signal a heart attack. The onset is sudden and accompanied by cold, clammy skin.
5 Stomach pain resembling heartburn may occur. Many people mistake a heart attack for heartburn.
6 Nausea can reach the point that you become ill enough to vomit.
7 Difficulty breathing can be frightening as you may feel that you can’t get enough air.
8 Anxiety is another symptom that may be overlooked. Some people experience overwhelming feelings of dread during the midst of a heart attack.

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