Thursday, December 1, 2011

Counter Offer

Thursday February 6, 1992

Up at 7:30 and dressed waiting for Jody the realtor to pick up Gary's check for deposit on the house he made an offer on last night. Frank leaves at 8:15 to go to Doris' class she teaches on carving at the senior center.

I feel drug out this morning so just lay on the couch til 10 a.m. I had kemo on Tuesday and my cough was really bad last night. I think my cough just wore me out, plus I didn't sleep well last night thinking about the house Gary made an offer on.

Jody finally calls to say the seller has counter-offered and has a second offer also. I'm pleased it looks good. I feel better after my shower, good enough to go shopping for a couple of hours. My cough is much better today but my right wrist is sore as ever.

Mom's entry from the day before says that her cough stopped when she went to bed. Looks like it started up again and kept her up alot of the night. Insomnia is epidemic in this country. Like Mom I often lose sleep when I am worried, but I also lose sleep when I am excited about something. She was just as excited, or maybe more so, than Gary, about the house he was trying to buy. I hope when my children buy their first house, they allow me to come along house shopping with them. I love to look at houses. I remember even as a teenager going with a friend to look at model homes just for fun. Buying a new house is very exciting, and if Gary made this move, he would be closer to Mom, just a couple miles away.

I am laughing out loud at Mom's statement that she went shopping for a few hours even though she felt sick. For a shopaholic shopping is therapeutic. For me it's just plain exhausting.

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