Monday, December 19, 2011

Chris May Go Home From Hospital Tomorrow

Saturday February 29, 1992 (leap year)

After lunch Frank and I drive out to Camping World to shop. We stop at Gary's on the way home. They seem really glad to see us and urge us to stay longer than we'd planned. We had gone out for a taco lunch so decline their invitation to stay for dinner of tacos.

I call Chris in the hospital to see how she's feeling. She says she has a fever but they have taken out her IV. She may go home tomorrow. Gary talks to her for a long time. That makes me happy. I want them to be close and caring about each other.

We visit our Gledhill rental regarding a leak under the sink. Back in Simi we go out for Italian dinner.

My dad is the middle son of 3 brothers, my husband is the oldest son of 3 brothers. Neither of them are close to their siblings. When I had 3 boys my hope was that they would be close as adults. So far they seem to have a pretty good relationship with minimal friction. As for my brother Gary, we are not close because of the long distance between us (400 miles), but I know he is always there for me if I need him. He's a good man.

After 3 nights in the hospital for an appendectomy, I was anxious to get home. 20 years later I doubt they even keep the patient overnight for an appendectomy. In 2008 I had back surgery, elbow surgery and gallbladder removal. All 3 were outpatient procedures.

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