Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chemo #9 + EKG

Wednesday March 4, 1992

Up feeling pretty good. We go out to breakfast at 9 a.m. At 10:50 we are at Kaiser for my chemo. Dr. Swartz is very concerned and I have an EKG which is normal. He says if I have another episode like yesterday I should call 911.

We do some shopping at Fallbrook Mall and drive home about 3 p.m. I am exhausted. I wonder if I have enough energy to go to Monterey this weekend for the Jazz Festival. I sure hope I start feeling better soon. I need a whole lot more energy to enjoy life.

We have a quiet evening at home.

Sandy Dennis (actress) died from ovarian cancer yesterday.

Sandy Dennis, the star of the 1967 movie "Up The Down Staircase" about a teacher in Harlem, died at the very young age of 54. I notice that for the past two nights she ends with "We have a quiet evening at home." I presume that means she passed on square dancing. I wonder what is the reason for her exhaustion and chest pains. I'm sure having chemotherapy is not going to make her feel better, and will probably make her feel worse.

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