Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Can I Squeeze Into?

Tuesday Februaery 25, 1992

Frank leaves at 6:00 to go pick up Phil in Palmdale. They are at Mountain High for a day of snow skiing.

I have a day to go through all my spring and summer clothes to see what I can squeeze into. I don't find much but I have been buying lately so I have enough to take on the cruise April 5. I spend the whole morning. I shop the afternoon and go to the nail salon to get my nail fixed

Frank comes dragging in about 5 p.m. but agrees to take me to "Splash" for a $4.00 BBQ tri-tip dinner.

Wow, that's an inexpensive dinner even for 1992. How sweet is that for Frank to take Mom out to dinner after a long day skiing and then driving home?

I can so relate to mom having many sizes of clothes in her closet. I used to have 2 or 3 sizes in my closet, but now I just keep the ones I can't fit into in boxes in storage. My closet currently has only size 18. My size 14 clothes are in storage. I skipped right over size 16 when I gained 30 pounds while in a cast with a broken foot 21 years ago. I never lost the 30 pounds, but I still have all those clothes in storage! Someday....

Mom had a 3 bedroom house. The master bedroom closet had the clothes for the current season, and the other two bedrooms had clothes for the off season. In addition she had a separate movable rod for her square dancing outfits. Mom loved to shop. In addition to all my size 14 clothes in boxes, I have a dozen boxes of Mom's size 14 clothes, as well as her size 16 clothes.

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