Saturday, December 31, 2011

I Still Pray Every Day

Friday March 13, 1992

We slept in til 8:45. Frank really needed that. After breakfast he so patiently and carefully and lovingly colors my hair for me. Then he is off to the Gledhill house to replace the garbage disposal. He's gone about 3 hours.

I do some housework, make some phone calls, and finish my sewing, getting new clothes ready for the cruise. I'm feeling very well these days. Still a bit slow getting started in the morning, but then mornings have always been my slow time. I still pray every day at least once. I ask God to be merciful and touch my body, healing it, killing all the cancers and allow me to live to see the grandchildren grow up to adult. Then I pray for everyone I know in need.

Wow, that is so sweet of Frank of color Mom's hair, and the way she describes it is like a tender act of love. He is such a thoughtful man.

Yes, it takes me a while to get moving in the morning too. I never could undersand how some people can bounce out of bed excited to start the day.

Mom only went to church on Easter and an occasional Sunday. She never talked to me about her faith or about prayer. I think to her it was private and personal. I do not know if she prayed every day before her cancer diagnosis, but getting the news that she had a terminal disease seems to have brought her closer to God. As much as we like to think we are in control of our lives, in fact, at some point, most of us come to understand that we are in control of very little, actually, and that we need to trust in God.

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