Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chemo #8

Thursday February 20, 1992

Didn't sleep well. Awake from 5 a.m. Got up at 7 a.m. and into the shower. I lock the bathroom door. I'm too embarrassed about my weight. I don't want Frank to see me undressed. I usually go up to shower after Frank has finished in the bathroom. Frank is upset when he gets up and the door is locked. I'm so hot after my shower everyday. I turn the fan on and sit down to cool off for 10 minutes. Frank would freeze.

We go to breakfast at IHOP and then to Kaiser for my chemo. It takes 2 nursea and 6 tries to find a vein to inject. I'm weak afterward.

We pick up a movie and a yogurt and spend the afternoon and evening on the couch. I have no energy today and it's cloudy and drizzly.

It sounds like a depressing dreary day for Mom. When I don't sleep well, I feel depressed and out of sorts too. When the sun doesn't come out, it makes my mood even worse. After not sleeping well, Mom felt bad about her body and everything just seemed to go wrong this day. I have had that experience of being poked several times when the nurses try to find a vein for an IV. It is very painful. My veins have always been hard to find. I wonder if her bad mood will give her side effects from the chemo this time. I hope she took her anti-nausea medication.

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