Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chris Had a Traumatic Weekend

Monday February 17, 1992

Up and doing laundry before I get my nails done at 11 a.m. Trying to keep Smokey from falling off the wooden bannister I break my middle left fingernail way back into the meat of my finger. It creates alot of pain. Luckily my manicurist is able to fix it quite well. I'm able to go square dancing in the evening with a bandage for protection.

I finally reach Chris this morning after trying all weekend. She had a traumatic weekend getting moved back into her condo with very little of her belongings. She's not comfortable or happy. she will live about 4 months in a very unstable home until the new house is finished the end of May. I'm very worried about her. I must pray for everything to work out well for her.

Frank went to Gary's to help him repair his shower this afternoon.

She must have been on the receiving end of alot of teasing that night with her middle finger bandaged. I'm not sure how she managed to square dance without banging her finger. There is certainly lots of hand contact in square dancing.

I don't know why mom said my condo was unstable, but it was certainly a very temporary living situation. We put most of our belongings from our Windsor house in storage, knowing that we would be living in the condo only 3 months. Only the essential furniture and possessions were moved to the Santa Rosa condo while we tried to refinance it in order to pull cash out to buy the new house that was still under construction in Windsor. We could only refinance and pull money out if we were living in the condo. Four months into my pregnancy with Derek I was very tired and still nauseous, so going through a move was very difficult.

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