Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Body Aches

Friday September 27, 1991

Frank heads for the valley early. He is picking up a paint sprayer for Paul (his son) from his old yard. Then he borrows Gary's lawnmower and mows Lemona for Open House there tomorrow and Sunday. He does a few more repairs there and returns home late afternoon.

I have taken a real day off, relaxing, trying to get my aching back under control. It's been really bad for a few days. Actually, it's real hard for me to sit so long as we did last night at dinner with our friends. I could hardly walk when I finally got up. My back, hips and knees screamed.

We go to a movie after dinner. Enjoyed it except couldn't sit still that long (1-1/2 hours)

I remember that mom had issues with her back, knees and shoulders. She received a cortisone injection in her shoulder several times to relieve pain and inflammation, and she had orthoscopic surgery on her knee in her early 50s. She faithfully did back exercises every morning to help strengthen her back and relieve the pain. Now that I am the same age I also have back issues, and just as I said 2 days ago, I cannot sit through a 2 hour movie, and it is very hard to drive long distances and still be able to walk or even move afterwards. I did not have knee issues until very recently, and have to take Naproxen (Aleve) every day to relieve the pain in my right knee and back.

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