Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Wedding of Michele & Dieder

Sunday September 15, 1991

Frank stays home today and I go to Lemona house for 3 hours. A few people stop to look at the house. Frank has lots he wants to do at home today before we leave for the wedding at 3:30. It will be fun and good to see all the relatives we haven't seen for some time. I can personally thank them all for their prayers. They'll be happy about my good news.

The wedding couple are Michele and Dieder. They took us sightseeing in Paris in April 1990. We feel a special bond with them. We had a great time at the wedding. We were seated with Diane and Nancy and their men. Loved seeing Mimi (Michele). She's 14-3/4 and 5'7". She came with Mom Lorraine. We had a good talk.

I never heard Mom talk about Michele and Dieder. She mentions Paris, so perhaps they lived there in 1990 and they became friends traveling there. This is one of those times I so wish Frank had not thrown out Mom's photo albums. I'm quite sure she took pictures of their trip to Paris and undoubtedly Michele and Dieder were in the photographs.

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