Sunday, March 20, 2011

The House Seemed Bigger as a Kid

Friday September 20, 1991

Justin is up early. Chris and Ric are up about 8:30. We all have breakfast and we all go to see Lemona house. I must water the new plants.

For lunch we go to Bob's and pig out on burgers, fries, salad and ice cream cake.

Chris is happy to have seen the Lemona house one last time. It is smaller than she remembered. We are planning to sell the house. It will be sad to let it go. There are so many memories of the children growing up there. Chris was 1 when we moved in. Gary was born 2 years later. I moved out when Gary was 20.

Before dinner we all drive to see Gary's new bedroom furniture, etc. We bring Junior and Joe home with us. We all go home to eat. Gary and Maria go out. The 3 boys have fun together. Junior sleeps on the floor. Joe and Justin get the couch bed.

Mom was proud of all the work Frank did to fix up the Lemona house. I had not been inside the house since 1974 when I moved north to Santa Rosa, California. It was a 4 bedroom 2 bath house, but only about 1400 square feet. It seemed large to me as a child, and the backyard, which I had the honor of mowing every Saturday, seemed to go on forever. I think everything seems larger from a child's eyes. Apparently Mom's attempt to sell the house was short-lived because she still owned it in 1993 as a rental when my brother Gary and I inherited it. We sold it that year for $140,000. Since then it has been expanded to include 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 2500 square feet and is worth $360,000. The lot size is 8680 square feet.

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