Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Uncle Gene's Birthday Party

Sunday September 8, 1991

We have a leisurely breakfast and read the paper, watch the birds and check out the patio plants. Frank leaves for Lemona. Chris calls. We have a good talk about Thanksgiving at Chris' and problems with John Reyes (her ex).

I go shopping for a comforter and buy one at Mervyns. I stop for a hot dog. I'm still having trouble being hungry alot. Maybe it's the chemo, maybe not. I pick up a yogurt to share with Frank. He's had no lunch. I feel bad. The bathroom floors are almost done. They look nice.

At 4:15 we leave for Gene and Cathy's. It's Gene's birthday dinner. Guy and Lisa are there. Alyson is much more friendly. The baby is walking. He's so cute and looks just like Guy. Some neighbors are there and we have a great filet mignon steak dinner. Lynne does most of the work. We're home by 9:15 exhausted!

Mom's brother Gene was 6 years older than Mom and had a different father. In 1991 he was turning 63. He will be 83 this year (2011) and is still going strong. He and his wife Cathy have lived in Pasadena for many years and built their house on a hillside when their boys Perry and Guy were little. Gene's son Guy and his wife Lisa are at the birthday party with their two small children, Alyson and Patrick. Funny that Mom thinks Patrick looks just like Guy. I don't see much resemblance. Guy is tall and lanky like his dad. Patrick, who is 20 now, is built like a football player, strong and husky. In fact he played football all through high school and Alyson played soccer. Alyson is currently on the soccer team at her college in Texas. Lynne is Gene and Cathy's youngest. She was and is a gracious hostess, always helpful, yet laid-back. She and her husband Everett currently live in Seattle, WA and have 3 small children Emerson, Eloisa and Ellington.

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