Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Reunion Day

Saturday September 21, 1991


It's a beautiful day! God has answered yet another prayer for me! What a wonderful God!

Chris and Ric take the boys to the Simi Valley Days Parade. Frank and I work feverishly to set up tables, chairs, games and food. It takes until 1 p.m. when folks start to arrive. By 4:30 everyone is finally here and we can eat. Everyone has brought something great to eat. There is plenty of food. Everyone seems to have a wonderful time, mostly visiting. They play some Bocce Ball and ping pong. The little children are in abundance. They are everywhere and so cute.

Frank and I are weary but very pleased when it's over about 8:30 p.m. We truly love doing this each year and will as long as we possibly can.

Mother looked great. So did Frank's folks and Aunt Betty and Al. Our special guests Marty and Cathy and Art and Dorothy enjoyed themselves too.

Mom and Frank were such wonderful hosts. It took a great deal of effort to put on family get-togethers for holidays and other reunions. They also hosted block parties for their cul-de-sac neighbors every year. The photo above was taken this day. Pictured are are Frank Reina, Guy Thomas with his children Alison and Patrick, Helen Richardson, Dolores Reina, Chris Reyes, Ric Roncancio, Perry and Cathy Thomas in the top row. In the middle row are Lisa Thomas, Cathy Thomas holding her granddaughters Lindsay and Brittany Thomas, Lynne Thomas, Gene Thomas, Joe Gapol, Justin Reyes, Junior (Gabe) Gapol, and in the front row are Gary and Maria Lucky.

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