Monday, March 14, 2011

Frank is Burning Out

Wednesday, September 11, 1991

Usual day--some backache. Seems my hair is getting worse every day. The crown and back of my head feels like almost all the hair is gone or 1/4" long. Nothing there to grab with the curling iron.

At Lemona we eat McLean burgers. Frank is laying the kitchen floor. Johnny comes and we make a decision about the carpet. They will lay it tomorrow.

Frank is tired and burning out. Thank God he's almost finished working on Lemona. We leave about 4 p.m.. Frank comes home to mow and trim our yard.

Jeanna and Spencer come to stay a couple of hours while Dana and Val go to open house at their school.

Not sure who Jeanna and Spencer are, I must assume they are neighbor kids.

Poor Frank, he has been working everyday at the Lemona house for several weeks. If you are reading this Frank, I want you to know how much I appreciate all you did for mom, and for Gary and me, who were the ones who inherited the Lemona house. You are a hard worker, and were so good to mom. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May God bless you.

It must have been hard on Mom to see her hair falling out and breaking off. She was always quite vain about her appearance and every morning curled her hair with a curling iron before spraying it with hairspray. I did not know until now that she had an issue with hair loss. Whatever hair was lost, she covered up nicely. I remember her last days in the hospital brushing her hair, as she loved to do for me my whole life. It was so hard to keep from crying. I never told her her hair was coming out in clumps as I brushed it.

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