Monday, March 7, 2011

Frank's Birthday Dinner

Thursday September 5, 1991

Stayed in bed til 10 a.m. Just feeling out-of-sorts. My back is much better today. By 1 p.m. I'm ready to leave to pick up invitations for reunion and forms from Dr. Bienstock for family blood donation for my surgery. Gary and Frank want to donate blood for me just in case I should need it, though I shouldn't.

Frank is working at Lemona. I'll meet him later and will go to Gary's for Frank's birthday dinner.

I am starved when we arrive at Gary's. Luckily, Maria has a veggie plate waiting for us. We eat most of it and then a nice dinner of chicken and beef shish-ka-bobs, and chocolate cake and ice cream. Frank blows out the candles and they give him presents. We drag home about 10 p.m.

Bizarre! I have noticed that almost every time Mom has chemo her aches and pains are better the next day. I'm wondering if the chemo drugs have anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn't appear that chemo #6 has made her sick at all.

Even at 56 Frank still gets a birthday party! How sweet! I have to say that my brother Gary and his wife were and still are wonderful hosts.

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