Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gracious Hosts

Tuesday September 17, 1991 & Wednesday September 18, 1991

Tuesday was a last day at Lemona planting some small bushes.

Wednesday I am having my nails done when Frank comes to say Michele called and they are free to come to dinner tonight. Whoa! The house is dreadfully messy--no food, no plan. Oh what the heck, we'll do our best. Call them back, dinner is at 5:00. Fortunately they can't arrive until 6-6:30. We rush into action and at 6:00 the house is clean. So is the patio. Chicken and baked potatoes are in the oven. Two pecan pies and a salad are made. The dining room table is lovely with our new tablecloth and crystal wine glasses.

We have a great time with Pete, Cloe (Frank's cousin), daughter Michele, her hubby Dieder, his French-speaking only parents Annie and Rogier. The young people are kept busy translating except when the men play pool.

So the mystery of Who is Michele and Dieder is solved. Michele is the daughter of Frank's cousin and Dieder is her new French husband. I wonder how they met?

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