Monday, March 7, 2011

Paul is a Big Help

Friday September 6, 1991

Up early, feeling good--no more backache. I'm off early to shop for curtains, etc. for Lemona. I pick up Arby's chicken sandwiches for our lunch.

Frank is laying bathroom floors. Paul arrives around 4 p.m. and they go to Gledhill to repair broken pipes. Paul is so sweet to come help his dad. He's in no hurry to get home. He wants to talk about investments. He wants to retire at 40. Good luck! He needs to be patient but have a plan. He wants to buy rental properties.

It's 9:00 when we finally get home. We have a late dinner. Then I return Cousin Shirley's call. She has a new job selling AT&T service. I hope she likes it and does well. It's time for her life to take a turn for the better. She's never been more ready or deserving.

Frank's son Paul, pictured above dancing with Justin at Paul's wedding to Judy, has worked for the Los Angeles Water Department for years, so was probably familiar with repairing leaking pipes. How funny that he was planning to retire at 40! He is well past 40 today and still working for the water department, commuting one hour each direction from Palmdale to Los Angeles. Managing rental properties can be a full-time job, and a very stressful one. Not for everyone.

As for Cousin Shirley, she had a rough life. She was an alcoholic and often called Mom late at night in a drunken stupor. Mom was one of the few who had the patience to listen to her and offer encouragement. Shirley was devastated when Mom passed away and drank herself to death a few years after Mom's death.

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