Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chemo #6

Wednesday September 4, 1991

Off to get my nails done this morning--feeling good.

Frank comes home from Lemona to take me to my chemo--my last chemo. I have it late today, we're not out of there til 5 p.m. Dr. Bix was pleased about my CAT scan. She says that it is not unusual to have such success with Stage 3 ovarian cancer patients. And I thought I was one in a million. Ha! Ha!

We shop our way home beginning to gather supplies for our family reunion in 2 weeks here. I'm calling it a "Celebration of Life". Hopefully all 43 family members can attend.

We eat light as we had a big lunch at Bob's Big Boy today. I'm not as drowsy as usual from my chemo. We're up til 11.

What a wonderful idea to hold a celebration of life. Let's see, 43 family members, who would that be?

Mom & Frank 2
Frank's parents John & Florence 2
Mom's mother Helen 1
Mom's brother Gene & his wife Cathy 2
Gene & Cathy's children Perry, Guy & Lynne 3
Perry's wife Cathy & 2 girls Lindsey & Brittany 3
Guy's wife Lisa & their children Allison & Patrick 3
Mom's children Chris & Gary 2
Chris' husband Ric & her son Justin (2 more boys now) 2
Gary's wife Maria & her sons Gabe & Joe (2 more boys now) 3
Frank's children Philip, Paul & Delores 3
Philip's wife Debbie & their children Joey & Sarah 3
Paul's wife Judy & their daughter Tayler (1 more son now) 2
Delores' husband Steve (a son & daughter now) 1

This adds up to 32. I'm not sure who the other 11 are, perhaps close family friends? Oh joy! Mom sent me 2 photos from the family reunion. In this photo starting top row left are: Frank, Guy holding Allison & Patrick, Grandma Helen, Mom, Chris, Ric, Perry, Cathy; in middle row are: Lisa, Aunt Cathy holding Brittany & Lindsey, Lynne, Uncle Gene, Joe, Justin & Gabe; in front are my brother Gary and his wife Maria.
In our immediate family pictured below are (top left) Maria, Grandma Helen, Dolores & Chris; middle row Gary, Frank and Ric; and front row Joe, Justin & Gabe.

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