Thursday, March 10, 2011

Work at Lemona House continues

Tuesday September 10, 1991

I didn't sleep very well until I finally took some Tylenol for my aching back. I foolishly carried some heavy 5 gallon plants in the yard yesterday. When will I ever learn? Back to exercises and ice packs.

I leave home about 11:30 to pick up lunch and meet Frank at Lemona. I clean woodwork, wash windows and hang curtains. Frank works most of the day on cleaning the stove. Late in the day he starts laying the kitchen floor.

We bought some plants for Lemona and home last night. It will be nice to have time to do something nice for our house again.

The new tile on the kitchen counter looks terrific! We come home late, order and eat pizza.

Wow, their previous tenants must have left the rental house on Lemona a complete wreck. Frank has been working there for over a month. Fortunately, not all of his work is repairing, as he is also upgrading the house. We had 6 turnovers last year, and took that opportunity to recarpet and repaint most of them, as well as put in new granite countertops in one and all new kitchen appliances.

A big thank you to my friend I grew up with on Lemona in Mission Hills. Debbie Smith (now Debbie Lape) lived 2 houses down and we still keep in touch. I called her for her birthday last week and she sent me some photos of our old neighborhood as it looks today. The photo above is the house Frank was working on.

I made the same mistake this year lifting a heavy load, Mom. Our Christmas tree was a live one in a 30 gallon bucket. I enlisted the help of my teenage son Derek on New Year's Eve and together we carried it from the living roomj to the back yard. I did not realize I had injured myself until the next morning watching the Pasadena Rose Parade. My back was a little sore when the parade began and by the time it was over, I could not move. I spent 2-1/2 weeks recovering. After having a herniated disk in 2008 and then surgery, I should know to be more careful. Unfortunately, with back pain, it occurs the day after overdoing it. I found that swimming or water aerobics really helps.

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