Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Want To Make Love Every Day

Saturday September 28, 1991

We are at the Lemona house all day 11-6 for an Open House, hoping to find someone who wants to buy or lease. It's a very quiet day with only a couple of lookers. We head home at 5:15 exhausted from doing nothing but sitting around. Luckily, Frank kept busy most of the day with last minute replacement of light fixtures, etc and shopping for them.

At home we have dinner and watch TV, relaxing and head for bed about 10 for lovemaking. I want to make love every day til my surgery. I know it will be a dry spell afterward and I don't know what to expect after that. Will it feel the same? Will I feel the same. Time will tell. I will think positively.

Mom was legitimately concerned about her surgery. Not only was her uterus being removed, but also both ovaries. She was already post-menopausal though, and after menopause the ovaries produce very little estrogen. She had a wonderful man in Frank, who was always thoughtful, gentle, and helpful. What better turn-on could there be?

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