Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shopping at May Co.

Saturday September 7, 1991

I'm up and feeling fine--off and running to Bo & Wendy's with mail, the bank and the Newbury Park house. The tenants are working now and they have the rent for September but no extra on the $2500 back rent due. They are thrilled about my good news. I talk to Jim Willis. He says it gives him "goose bumps" to hear how well I'm doing.

After 2 hours of May Co. shopping I arrive at Lemona house where Frank has nearly completed tiling the kitchen counter. It looks terrific! He's so wonderful! He sends me on errands.

At 7:40 we finally leave and stop at Gary's to see his new carpet and furniture in his bedroom. Anna and Randall are there with the boys. Gary and Maria are at a concert. We stay to watch the Big Spin. Jackie Tattum is on but it is pre-empted by a Dodger game. We go home, clean up and go out for Italian dinner. We eat too much, too late.

I remember how Mom did love to shop, mostly for clothes, and May Co. was one of her favorite department stores. May Co. was a national department store chain and was founded in 1877 by David May. In 2005 it was purchased by Macy's Department Stores. The Los Angeles May Co. building pictured above is now the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Mom drug me to her favorite department stores to shop for clothes from the time I could walk. Perhaps that is why I hate to shop now, whether for groceries or clothes.

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