Monday, March 14, 2011

Open House Today

Saturday September 14, 1991

The Lemona house is ready. Open house is 9-5 today. We put out signs and ran an ad "Like New". We had several come looking. Frank replaced a broken window and mowed. I did some touch-up painting. We're ready. The house is ready. Now the agony of finding just the right tenant. Of course the neighbors prefer a young white couple. They may get 2 Hispanic couples with 2 kids.

Home in time to relax, clean up and go square dancing. Frank is really too tired to enjoy it but we spend alot of time outside visiting with friends. We go home early.

Yikes, even the day of open house, Frank is still replacing a broken window. Does it ever end? I hope they get it rented quickly. Whoever gets it is getting a like new home which is hard to find.

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