Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Visit With Paul & Judy

Saturday March 14, 1992

Up and out early for Palmdale to visit Paul & Judy. They are expecting us and serve us lunch. Tayler is cranky until we take her in their new car to Costco. In the car and in the shopping cart she is an angel. She's also at the age she doesn't want anyone to touch her except Judy.

Frank helps Paul work the dirt in the backyard and takes him in the truck to the lumber yard.

Later we stop to see Debby and Joey. Sara is out with friends and Phil's at work.

We get home in time to eat pizza and dress for the Happy Squares dance. It's too crowded so we come back home to watch TV. We were too tired anyway.

In the above photo, Frank's youngest son Paul is shown with his wife Judy and two children approximately 8 years after this post. It looks like Tayler is around 9 years old and her younger brother Nick around 7. Sadly, Paul and Judy got divorced as did Frank's older son Phil and his wife Debby.

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