Monday, August 15, 2011

74 Year Old Rebel

Monday December 2, 1991

Well, I'm not going home today. I ate some scrambled egg and toast. Then Dr. Russack came in and decided no food or water for another day or so. Dr. Bix is not here today. I hope she'll be back tomorrow.

Just another day in paradise. Evelyn got her tubes out. We went for a walk. She stopped at the restroom and smoked a cigarette. She's a 74-year-old rebel. She knows it's against the law.

My stomach feels fine all day. I feel good. Kathy calls and may come to visit again. Frank visits from 3 to 5 p.m. I'm sure he's tired of driving over here every day.

Evelyn has trouble with controlling her bladder in the evening and dribbles from her bed to the bathroom. I can't get someone to clean it up for 2 hours. After one hour I clean it up with a towel. I'm angry. They're very busy with new patients coming in tonight.

Mom was not too patient and never did like messes.

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