Friday, August 12, 2011

Nausea Too

Friday November 22, 1991

Didn't sleep hardly at all. I have severe diarrhea from all the Riopan and Maalax but the indigestion pains and gas are not much better. I talk to Dr. Bix through her nurse and she says OK to stop medication and OK to skip injection on Tuesday to feel better for our trip to Chris'. I start to feel nausea so begin my nausea medication.

Chris is still sick in bed with pregnancy sickness. I'm not too sure about Thanksgiving dinner at her house with 21 people. She'll decide on Sunday.

I eat lite and bland but still feel awful. I don't do much but lay around today. Poor Frank, I'm not much of a wife to him lately. He keeps super busy in the garage as usual.

What a pair Mom and I are! Both sick as dogs with nausea. I remember feeling bad when I had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner at our house back in 1991, but now that I see how awful Mom was feeling too, I am thinking it was actually a blessing.

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